1. The voice contains as overtones only those frequencies that the ear can hear.
  2. When giving the ear the chance to hear frequencies correctly again that were previously not or not well perceived, they instantly and unconsciously reappear in the voice.
  3. When repeated over a certain period of time, acoustic stimulation leads to a final change of hearing, and consequently the phonation.

Audio-Psycho-Phonology is based on researches by the Parisian ear, nose and throat physician Professor Alfred Tomatis (1920 -2001) about hearing, voice, body, spirit and mind.

Tomatis discovered the connection between changes in hearing ability and the related and automated changes in voice and behavior. His conclusions were scientifically recognized at the Sorbonne University. He named them “The three Tomatis Laws”

Tomatis-Method promots the ability to listen and commuicate and exhibits extensive consequences to ones brain.

He has left us numerous books, e.g. "Das Ohr - die Pforte zum Schulerfolg" showing comprehensible explanations for reasons in difficulties at school.

The education science of harking is his achievement which is significant untill present!