May I introduce myself.

Myself, suffering from tinnitus, have had my first treatment in 2014 and experienced a hugh improvement and mitigate. Furthermore, I become witness about development and enhancement by other patients which I met again.

There was a young man. He was the sunshine of Atlantis (world biggest institute of Audio-Psycho-Phonologie in St. Truiden/Belgien). He was suffering from Down's syndrome. At the beginning of his listening therapy, he was already a teenager and not able to speak a word rather than a sentence. His face was hidden by a cap. This was how he started . ... six weeks later I met him again in the centre ... without a cap and with an open-minded, straight view forwards.

This was a revelation and huge joy for me.

This incident has convinced me to become of ast of this. The consequence was my education to an Audio-Psycho-Phonologist. I have passed the education for the therapy by listening, based on the principles by
Prof. Dr. A. Tomatis, successfully in 2015/16 in the institute of education Mozart-Brain-Lab in Belgium. My mentor was Mr. Jozef Vervoort, the kind hearted and competent successor of Prof. Tomatis.

In numerous talks I was searching for answers and trueness.

Question and also joy was - why is this method helping so quickly?