In the following we will show a possible process of the listening therapy. It may vary depending on ones individual problems.

Initial consultation: Anamnesis, psychological listening test, detailed briefing, explicit information about Tomatis listening therapy; if applicable reference about therapeutic options.

First phase of listening therapy: At 14 days listening, 2 hours daily. In the middle and at the end of this phase a further listening test determines the following process of therapy. This phase is followed by a break of 5 to 7 weeks.

Second phase: 7 days listening, 2 hours daily (4 listening units). At the beginning and at the end a test will be done. In the conversation with the therapist the following process is defined. The phase is followed by a break of 5 to 7 weeks.

Third phase, if necessary more: These phases are running according to phase two. Within these phases, hearing is stimulated with the help of a Brain Activator using special headphones with electronically filtered music or the mother's voice.

Until this point we are talking about passive phases, which are exclusively receptive.

Following active Phase: In this phase, active exercises are follwed to implement and integrate new listening habits. This is reached by vocal, reading and singing exercises.

The number of phases is individually depending on the development of therapy. Therefore, it cannot be determined in advance.