• Psychotherpeutic processes (psychoanalyse), e.g. posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Creativity and vigour at seniority
  • Composure, ability for relationships und self-confidence
  • For Singers, instrumental musicians and speakers to preserve tone colour and hearing.

... during pregnancy, so that mother and children become one unit. By covering ones balance it will be a joyfull time for both:

  • The inner ear has reached his final sice of adults in the fifth month of pregnancy. The child ist listening!
  • The foetus is listening to music by mozart in high frequency. This is stimulating and creating the necessary power for an improved neurologial development.
  • The unborn child is listening to the mother's voice over bone conduciton.
  • The filtered music is transfered from the Brain Activator and a special headset. This headset transmits acoustic signals, as usual, directly to the ear. Additionally, it has a "bone sounder" that transmits the sound directly to the cranial bone from where it is directed straight to the inner ear. This form of sound transmission is called bone conduction.
  • A good muscle tone is disburden the birth process.
  • Listening Therapy should start with the 8th month of pregnancy (Alfred Tomatis: Klangwelt Mutterleib, Kösel)

... quicker learning of foreign languages:

Listening Therapy trains the ear to be able to adjust to the frequencies and speech rythm of the foreign language.